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(VIENNA 06/10/1901 - TEL AVIV December 19, 1973)



​Start June 8th, 2021

Course leader Fred Glückstein



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Karl Demerer Photo © fred glückstein

Course info:

Karl Demerer (born June 10, 1901 in Vienna, died December 19, 1973 in Tel-Aviv) was interned in several labor camps before he was transferred to the Blechhammer camp, a subcamp of the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he was appointed Jewish elder. Here he was able to save the lives of 100 women who were supposed to be murdered because they had been tattooed with numbers that had already been given to other women.
On April 12, 2018, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Karl Demerer was honored as a Jewish savior by the Jewish National Fund and the Bnei Brit Lodge in Jerusalem, in the Martyrs Forest in Jerusalem. His granddaughter, Minia Joneck, received the honor for him in the presence of the entire family.
“My grandfather was a humble man who barely talked about his actions during his time in the labor camp. For us, his family, it is important to honor the memory of him and all the Jewish rescuers, ”explained Minia Joneck, who lives in Constance.

Fred Glückstein (Heidelberg 1948. Lives today in New York, USA)
was born as a child of 2 survivors of the Shoah, Joseph Glückstein and Mimi Rubin Glückstein (both former prisoners in Blechhammer).
After retiring in New York, he devoted himself to various research topics and wrote, among other things, a book about the history of his parents *
In this context he dealt with Karl Demerer, who helped save his parents in the Blechhammer camp.

* Mimi of Novy Bohumin, Czechoslovakia: A Young Woman's Survival of the Holocaust.

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