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We stand in solidarity with Israel.


Collaboration Konstanz e.V.


Sign of solidarity with Israel


Since Saturday, October 7, 2023, the early morning of the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, the terrorist organization Hamas has been attacking Israel with rocket fire, taking hostages and killing civilians indiscriminately. The number of people killed is increasing hour by hour. These are brutal images that reach us and are unable to express the real suffering of those affected. As a Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation, we condemn the completely senseless violence, which will only lead to more violence, hatred and death. Terror and war are not and will not be a solution to problems, anywhere.


Solidarity with Israel and those affected

We are deeply shocked by the terror and cruel brutality of Hamas in Israel. Our solidarity goes out to the victims and their families. Our thoughts and feelings are with friends and colleagues in Israel. We also think about the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and what Hamas' terror will mean for them.


Against the cynical celebrations

We note with horror that there are people in Germany who are celebrating the attack on Israel and terror on the streets. Such cynicism disgusts us. Anyone who rejoices in war and death has lost all ethical and religious compass. We call on German politicians not to mistakenly tolerate such behavior as free expression of opinion, but rather to integrate such behavior into the criminal offense of incitement to hatred and to take decisive action against it. Any kind of anti-Semitism must be stopped, especially in Germany.


Let us show solidarity with Israel, against terror and war, for understanding and peace!


Ruth Frenk           Minia Joneck           Daniel Widmaier           André Böhning             Bettina Kommoss

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