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Jewish Lake Constance

The Jüdische Gemeinde Konstanz eV invites you to go on a circular hike around Lake Constance and its border regions with a look at Jewish history, its present and future.


The diversity of Jewish past and present is conveyed through various forms of knowledge transfer and reflection in authentic Jewish places around Lake Constance - taking into account places close to Lake Constance in Switzerland and Austria. These regions were vital to Jewish life before and during the Shoah.



Photo © Karin Walz

The Jewish Lake Constance region in the past, today and in the future - in all its diversity and significance for the region - is brought to the attention of a broad public, both Jewish and non-Jewish. And that in different formats: excursions to places of Jewish life in the region, historical city tours, lectures, seminars and other events on site. There are also online displays and links to individual offers.

The individual events and series of events should offer the opportunity for direct discussions to deepen and reflect on the knowledge acquired and its significance.

The development of Jewish life on Lake Constance results in a "Jewish Parcours" to be experienced in different stages in the sense of a Jewish circular hiking trail. To this end, the project cooperates with various partners, organizations and competent individuals.


These include: reporting in the regional press, regional TV, own flyers and the use of flyers from other organizations such as VHS, Jewish museums, the Society for Christian Jewish Cooperation, DIG-German-Israeli Society, and other cooperation partners. An important component is the presence on social media. A separate Internet and Facebook page will be set up for the project and presented on the website of our community. In addition, our cooperation partners receive background material for their websites.

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