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Jewish melodies and songs

Texts by Berty Friesländer-Bloch

play it, speak it, sing it

Jutta Bogen and Claudia Rohrhirs

in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Gailingen

Gailinger Megille Foto.png

So far - so close

The Gailinger Megille

on a map of Jewish music



"There was once a kille, located on the Rhine ..." This is what the poet Berty Friesländer-Bloch wrote in 1948 in her "Gailinger Megille". Looking back from exile, she tells of the time when life in the Jewish community, the Kehillah, flourished. It describes the school lessons, the religious customs, the festivals, above all the typical Gailinger Purim. At the end there is grief and complaint about the catastrophe and the warning against forgetting.


Selected verses from “Megille” point the way to distant places in this diverse text and music program. In close cooperation with the Jewish Museum Gailingen, historical research has been combined with the creative exploration of musical traditions: How did it sound in the synagogue, what music did you dance to at festivals? In which language did the choirs and the schoolchildren sang? What could dealers bring with them from afar? And what did you share with your direct neighbors?






Sunday, October 3, 2021, 5 p.m.

Jewish Museum Gailingen, Ramsener Str. 12


Admission based on the 3G RULE, free entry, donations welcome

Registration required:


As part of "1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany"

With the kind support of vhs Konstanz





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